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We work closely with the artists we represent, and understand how important their music is.  New Outlaw offers an affordable, personalised, service to help musicians take their music, and profile, to a new level.

We've been in the music business for 25 years, working as musicians ourselves for 15 years, then, 10 years ago we established the nationally, and internationally, respected Outlaw PR.  New Outlaw has grown from this.

Check out what artists say about New Outlaw:

"Deep Blue Sea is hugely indebted to Clare Free and all at New Outlaw for handling the PR for the launch of Strange Ways. New Outlaw did a great job, on time, on point, at a fair price. The marketing was followed up with a detailed report which has proved very helpful."  Graeme Wheatley of Deep Blue Sea

"Deep Blue Sea is happy to recommend New Outlaw's graphic and merchandising wing. We gave them the spec for the layout for the Strange Ways album booklet and all was done so well, on time and efficiently.  We were very happy to ask them to follow up with the design for the next 5 tracks we are releasing on the back of the album. Effectively, New Outlaw has designed all our major marketing imagery for the next 18 months, allowing us the space to plan effectively."  Graeme Wheatley of Deep Blue Sea

“By combining her industry experience with design skills Clare has managed to produce such great PR for my music” Ged Wilson.

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